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Kristin Bouchard

Transforming thoughts into stories is what drives Kristin Bouchard’s writing. Whether it’s about local crisis counselors, travel management experts, over-the-road truckers and most recently, Vietnam Veterans, creating a story can inform, motivate and even heal.

With more than 20 years of experience writing anything from newsletters to blog posts to speeches (and virtually everything in between,) telling stories has been the constant in Kristin's communications career. Now as a freelance writer and youth ministries leader, more and more stories await to be told.

Over coffee, she enthusiastically agreed to listen to and write the incredible stories of local Vietnam vets for the Old Glory Honor Flight’s Return to Nam project. Her life was changed forever by these heroes!

During her free time, you can find Kristin reading, socializing at her sons’ sporting events (and cheering when nudged by her husband,) listening to some of her favorite teens at youth group, journaling, and it’s worth being said again, reading!