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Dan Linssen has had the good fortune to enjoy a long and unusually diverse executive career, spanning Fortune 500 companies, privately held corporations, and non-profits. In between, he spent over eight years in management consulting, assisting over 100 different clients in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, public school districts, and utilities. He has taught full-time upper-division business courses at universities in both the U.S. and France, and for two years wrote a weekly editorial column for the local newspaper. As the author of Who's to Blame— Living Along Society's Fault Line, he has led workshops on eliminating the blame game, and presented keynote sessions at numerous conferences. He has recently turned my attention to a new interest— fiction. After all, there's no shortage of good material in real life. His debut novel, Leaving Juneau County, was released in early 2018. Dan's hobby interests have included playing guitar in a rock and roll band, auto racing, flying, skiing, travel, history, and trying to figure out what makes the world tick.